At Loud Crowd Media we don’t believe in half measures. We believe you need to hit the market place with a bang to be heard. Competition is plentiful and it is essential your brand or business makes significant noise. This is achieved through ingenuity, careful planning, technological savvy and constant innovation. We are a full service agency specialising in a wide range of customised digital communication solutions including website and app design, development and hosting. Based in the beautiful town of Umhlanga, Durban, we service clients locally and all over the world.

Our team is stridently imaginative and passionately out there, but we believe that the creative process should always be balanced with feet that are firmly planted on the ground. So when it comes to doing what’s best for your brand, intelligence, careful planning and thorough listening are cornerstones to ensuring a successful campaign. Loud Crowd Media are the team that stamps to the drum of imagination that’s always backed by clever thought.